Saxonair – Complete Video Production

Here at Meantime we like to live the highlife. So when Saxonair asked if we could produce films for each of the private jets in their fleet, we jumped at the opportunity. They needed a team who could work on complete video production, from planning to post-production. Since then, we’ve been busy making sure we capture these beautiful machines in all their glory!

First meet Saxonair’s newest arrival, The OE-IXI CHALLENGER 605. The Challenger 605 is a Bombardier aircraft, considered a premier business heavy jet. It’s capable of providing that excess performance that riders have come to expect from the Challenger line.

Next up, we helped Saxonair unveil the newest of their private jets to their Hawker Fleet, G-RCFC, with anothercomplete video production.

The Hawker 900XP accommodates up to 7 passengers & has impressive speed. Transporting customer short and mid-range destinations in reduced journey times, in absolute luxury.

We’ve filmed another couple of aircraft, with video productions due to be unveiled soon; and more aircraft in the pipeline. It’s been an absolute pleasure to film these so far!