Norwich is the home of the perfect crime… writing festival.

Noirwich is the region’s largest annual celebration of crime writing, and one of the fastest growing literary festivals in the UK. This year, Meantime was lucky enough to work with them to produce two of the most frightful promotional films Norwich has ever seen.

We get to film Norwich a lot, but we had such a great time filming this. Exploring in the dark and figuring out, through a few different attempts, the best lighting to capture the Castle and the Cathedral. We even had a few funny interactions with Norwich’s nightlife in the process. You might also notice if you look closely that those running feet in the video belong to Liam! So I think it’s safe to say that it was a very cool experience for us!

Noirwich festival offers not only a chilling exploration into crime writing but they also work with small businesses to deliver a truly immersive experience in the fine city of Norwich. Encouraging restaurants to bring out specialised menus and fancy cocktails to celebrate the festival and the city itself. With this in mind we wanted to make our films norwich-centric, and fully immersive.

This year their annual lecture was hosted by Val McDermid, a celebrated and best selling crime writer. McDermid spoke about “What we really talk about when we talk about crime fiction”, an interesting look into what lies beyond the murder within crime fiction.

Noirwich returns on the 12-15th of September 2019, so make sure you don’t miss out!