Merry Christmas Plebs!

With the Holidays around the corner, Team Animation were tasked with creating Meantime’s Christmas video!  This is the first time animation have had the task, but they rose to the challenge, creating something cheeky just in time for Christmas. With leaks of Downing Street lockdown parties awash in the press, there was more than enough inspiration out there!

Christmas video - illustrations 1
Christmas video - illustrations 2

With only a few weeks until the launch of the Christmas video, Penny, Cai and Tata were tasked with bringing this quirky & controversial number life.

Cai was tasked with designing the human characters, creating stereotyped, rather shady business-people, ready to offer gifts in exchange for a lucrative government contract.

Tata was in charge of recreating Larry the cat; a soft loveable character. Some say he purposely setup the lockdown wine & cheese party, in order to attract rats for him to catch.

Christmas video - illustrations 3
Christmas video - illustrations 4

Penny was in charge of designing the background for the Christmas video, and in turn, comping it all together.  From an initial concept sketch, she was able to recreate the iconic building, along with a Christmas tree that took 3 hours to paint…

With time against us, the video took as many twists and turns as Michael Gove at a nightclub. Our original concept for the upstairs party scene was shelved due to “real work commitments” and we ended up using green screened dancers with government faces.

Merry Christmas Plebs!