My ICU Voice

At the start of the Covid19 pandemic, we were contacted by Nadya Pohran (PhD) who represented MyICUvoice, an app specifically designed to allow those on a ventilator to talk to loved ones and friends. The London based team of doctors had no budget, but urgently needed to create an instructional animation production for ICU staff so they could quickly start using the app in their increasingly busy wards.

animation production london MYICU1
animation production london MYICU2

The benefits of MyICUvoice were very clear to see. It significantly decreased levels of stress and anxiety for patients, also helping ​to detect and communicate symptoms that may not have been detected.

Considering the unique and challenging circumstances, the Meantime animation production London and Norwich teams wanted to ensure we could help in any way possible, and created a how-to guide to help both patients and nurses use their life-changing app. Penny’s calendar was cleared and she was immediately tasked with contacting the team at MyICUvoice and offering our full support. Within a week the team had begun to deliver a range of animated assets to assist Doctors and Nurses on the front line. In turn those NHS staff were able to ensure even the most poorly Covid patients could still communicate with their loved ones remotely from ICU.