Team Animation VS. Covid

Let’s face it, this P*ndemic has been a massive pain in the ass for everyone. The lockdowns, confusing communications, the mask mandates…it’s proven rough. So animation team has tried to see the brighter side of life, creating a couple of animations promoting vaccinations and the use of masks.

Don’t you hate it when you see someone making the effort to wear a mask, but it’s sitting on their chin, like a hair net for a beard? The first campaign, created by our talented motion graphics designer team, illustrators and animators – Brogan, Cai, Conner, Jack, and Penny – demonstrates all the wrong ways to wear a mask.

While the animations were cheeky, the next animation the motion graphics designer team worked on would up the anti…… targeting anti-vaxxers, especially those spouting conspiracy theories about Bill Gates. In this animation we see a cutout style version of Bill appear, and start espousing nonsense about microchips and other absurd theories. Suddenly, the veil is lifted, and the basement dwelling troll behind the video is seen. Our troll, in a panic, doesn’t know what to do and calls for his mummy to help. The moral of the story? Don’t believe everything you see or hear online.

We don’t 100% know how this animation came about, but this craziness was produced by Conner, Adam and Luke.

In short: Wear a Mask & Get Vaccinated!