Ever wondered what would happen if Meantime tried to take on Jeff Bezos in the form of Christmas film? Of course you have. Here’s what our humble video content agency came up with……

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This years Christmas film was a very important one for us. Everyone has had a pretty rough year, both with Covid, and the subsequent damage lockdowns have done to our local businesses. With Amazon mopping up trade, and putting nothing back into the local economy, we wanted to use our video content agency to drive individuals to shop locally. Even in lockdown, most businesses had launched online shops and restaurants had switched to takeaway options. Getting the message out was important.

So many independent businesses both in London and Norwich locations were keen to get on board. After many hours of hard work, and even more hours dressed in a cardboard robot outfit, the film was made. Hats off to Joe, Adam, Liam, Michael and Luke for getting this together before the Christmas deadline!

We’re just one video content agency trying to make a difference to our local industry. If you want to look further into buy local, go to their website here.