Blah Blog

A hell of a lot happened in April

A GOOD hell of a lot. Straddle yourself in for Meantime’s first monthly round-up blog… The dazzling Blah Blog! Lots of blah with all the trimmings. As well as being MM’s social media guru, I (Mads) thoroughly enjoy being a creative chatterbox on the ol’ PC keys. This round-up gives you the chance to read about what Meantime has been up to each month. A bit like when you catch up with an old friend, as we are good friends, right? Grab ya coffee and let’s get to it.

Well, April has certainly been a busy one for our Meanions – trust me, the list of names is just beyond extensive now. We have been on some very cool shoots, Team Film in Norwich have been given the new keys to their pad and the dreaded covid (LAME) has blessed us with its presence once again.


The New Pad

So yes, Team Film have indeed received the shiny new keys to the official Meantime Film office. It definitely needs a better name than that. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, we’re all ears. It somewhat resembles a Medieval wagon, or a tram. The Groovy Movie Tram? Might be the one you know.

The team will now be able to get up to all sorts in their film-fuelled bubble. What’s more, these guys have a lot of kit, so it will be great to clear some space in the main office. This also means we’ll be able to buy that luxury 100 inch plasma screen TV we’ve been after. Of course for supreme viewings of our work. Bring the popcorn and we might save you a spot.

If you are a loyal follower of our LinkedIn – if not, why? – you would have seen that the new office is directly opposite the main Meantime pad. Therefore, this gives us the prime opportunity to try out a number of communication methods. String phone, sticky note notes and just simply shouting at each other from the windows are a few ways we’re going to try first. Stay tuned for each.


Completed 36 Days

Well boy we did it again. This typographic challenge was a fun one we polished off at the start of April. Somewhat tricky with our busy schedules, but we did it and should feel chuffed with our submissions. If you aren’t familiar with 36 Days of Type, it’s an annual thingy-ma-jig which runs on social media, particularly Instagram. Anyone is able to take part – artists, illustrators, graphic designers, even ya Nan could give it a go with her knitting needles. Essentially, it’s in the title. You create the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-9 and then share this online, every day. It’s a nice little thing where people can show off their skills.

No typical riff-raff with Meantime’s 36 Days though, we always like to go a bit perculiar. We had the chance to feature our Senior Animator – Martin – as a Milky character where we literally got him to chuck milk on himself – muahaha. There was also a bit of an ‘earie’ theme going on with two of the Meantimer’s creating submissions based on ears. Eerie stuff hey. We even got the opportunity to crush some childhood dreams. No really, we didn’t hold back on this. There was a slight concern that Cbeebies were going to file a lawsuit against us for creating the most terrifying Po. Nevertheless, it’s brilliant and would be 100% worth the lawsuit.

If you haven’t seen our 36 Days of Type, take a scroll on our Instagram page: @meantimemedia



Shoots of all sorts. Team Film have been busy bees this April with NUA, Burlexe and Decathlon, plus many more! The team were asked by NUA to head back to uni and film their Year 3 BA Fashion students final pieces. Transporting into the eyes of Gok Wan, the team put on their best fits and headed with their cameras to capture some top secret stuff. The London lot went on a shoot for the amazing Burlexe, a burlesque inspired brand. Featuring the iconic artist, Kele Le Roc, HOW COOL? All very exciting stuff. We love to dip our trotters in new things.


New Meantimer!

Say Hello to Josh! We have a new Norwich based video director who has joined the Meantime squad. It’s a little bit confusing at times as Josh is sometimes referred to as Joe, so now there is Joe Joe. Josh is now known as JoshJoe. Oh we do have fun. Anyhow, welcome to the team JoshJoe! We’re excited to see your new venture with us.


More Covid

Bloody covid sh*te. Sadly, some of our Meantimers experienced the ruthless rona. Fortunately, our team recovered well with us all experiencing a range in severity of symptoms. There’s not much to say here besides we are now healthy runner beans with the occasional fuzzy head. Covid tends to give you lingering brain fog at the most inconvenient times. Often when you’re right in the middle of making your afternoon coffee and you start to add a tea bag into your cup to make a toffee or cea. As you can tell, I was clearly experiencing the brain fog when typing that –  currently shaking my head at the screen.



So, there we go. Hope you enjoyed our first monthly Blah Blog. Lot’s of blah for you to take in and a nice way for us to share what’s been going on. Of course there is always more that goes on behind the scenes, but you would be sat here reading for an age. We hope you enjoyed this little round-up and are actually interested in what Meantime is getting up to. Otherwise, we’ve just wasted 5 minutes of your time.