The Squires Duo
The Squires Duo

The Squires Duo

The Squires duo, consisting of two familiar faces, Joseph Murray and Adam Turner. Having known each other since primary school, little did the duo know their year 4 ‘films’ presentation was the planted seed of The Squires. Joe and Adam started creating films together at the young age of 15. Ever since, they haven’t be afraid to run free with their creative ideas and have experienced a lot along the way. A lot.

These guys have worked with well-established brands to direct and produce commercial video production, as well as bespoke film for independent artists and their own self-indulgent videos. They certainly have a bunch of memorable films under their belt. You never know their next move, so keep your eyeballs, nostrils and eardrums pealed.


Birth of The Squires

Now in a fictional film sense, this is how we would have envisioned Joe and Adam to begin The Squires duo quest. Not to be taken seriously, a bit of fun…

Picture a desert. The sun is slowly setting in the distance, setting a pink haze over the dusty environment. The air is still and a western cowboy tune begins to play. You can hear footsteps approaching. A bloke wearing a woolly hat – in the middle of a desert might we add – appears confused, lost and distressed. Grains of sand sit in-between the crinkled folds of his frown and his puffy eyes are crusty from the dried tears of sorrow. The guy is really not in a good way. Hang on…that’s Joe.

Sitting on a nearby rock, Joe overlooks the desert hoping for an answer. He mumbles to himself, “I just want to be a part of a duo. Kevin and Perry get to do their thing. Peanut butter and jam. Even a pair of socks. I need this.” He sighs and wipes his grainy brow.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake. Joe stands up briskly. The clouds part ways and Adam’s face appears in the sky, “Joe, do not cry no more. We are one. Let us be The Squires duo.” Adam reaches out his cloudy hand and grabs Joe’s limp body, a little bit like when Andy picks up Woody in Toy Story. This is the part where everything becomes a lot slower in motion. The emotional backing track kicks in and Joe’s face lights up like he’s being given his first meal after a 4-day juice cleanse. The super-duper green juice.

The Squires duo are seen flying high in the sky in a synchronised fashion. With their hands linked and smiling with glee, these guys have quite literally flown into their dream. Forming the letters ‘The Squires’ from their contrails, they venture off into the distance and the scene draws to a close.

The Squires Duo hope to produce this masterpiece one day, so stay tuned. You never know.

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