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Here we go again, May’s issue of Blah Blog. We’ve been whisked off our feet with film shoots, animation projects and various things. And of course, this month has absolutely flown by – like every month, let’s be honest. It’s genuinely flabbergasting how quickly time goes.


Ace Animations

This month, we’ve celebrated some excellent animations for Peequal and North Norfolk District Council. Our swish team of animators have been working hard to produce promotional material for both brands. Focusing on a vibrant and high-energy animation style for Peequal and a trusting tone for NNDC, the team crafted some great work. Superb job folks! Keep a look out for when we share these on our socials!

Now it’s hard to keep up with Team Animation. Often, you find one of them working on a new brand concept, another creating a 3D strawberry and then someone else tackling an illustration of a wind turbine. It can be an interesting POV peering on the sidelines. Nevertheless, these guys are never short of spare time working as a team of warriors. 

You may notice that the Meantimer’s are often referred to as ‘warriors’. That is because by definition, they are warriors. In Meantime terms, this means they are consistently tackling the lows of software crashing, files going haywire and general sh*t that can occur. We should start getting the team together once a month to wear full armour gear just to make a point. And look at that, I’ve fully demonstrated the ‘Blah’ in Blah Blog.


UEA I&I Awards

As usual, Team Film were popping up in all sorts of places for shoots. They were asked to go and shoot UEA’s Innovation and Impact Awards. You’d expect these guys to go the event, film some nice bits, maybe have a nibble and a bit of social with the attendees, BUT oh no. These guys got the full works – 3 course meal and meeting the one and only, Myleene Klass! Boy, what an evening. Liam even got to feature in Klass’ Instagram story which he certainly won’t be letting us forget. Good job he was appearing very ‘focused’ in the clip, thanks Liam for making us look good.


Meantime Videos (Soon)

This is the bit where we can’t reveal too much. Well we could, but we want to keep this covered until the big release. If you follow us on Instagram, you would have seen a few clues here and there. Maybe you’ve figured some things out? Or maybe you have no clue at all. We will tell you that there are some ‘Meantimey’ videos coming up, using some very iconic ‘stuff’. THAT’S ALL FOR NOW, STAY TUNED!


We Are Immersive: VR Experience

A few of us were invited by We Are Immersive to go and test out their new VR experience. Now this wasn’t just any odd VR, this was an XIST VR platform called Unknown – sounds so powerful doesn’t it? I guess you can say we were relatively ‘unknown’ what to expect. Whilst having a great design and user experience, we seemed to of really got the giggles throughout the whole game. There’s something very funny about seeing your teammates run around with a gun having no clue what to do with it. 

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We quite liked escaping to another planet for 25 minutes and didn’t really fancy leaving. Thanks again to the guys at We Are Immersive, Jason and Nicky!


UEA PGT China Campaign

We finally set free our UEA PGT China campaign video into the wild. Taking on a super creative sweep with this film, the video highlights the friendly tone of UEA to students. At Meantime, we feel incredibly proud of this project. It showcases university memories in a camcorder style, the beautiful city Norwich is and genuine alumni student career paths. Joe and Adam, otherwise known as The Squires – find out more down below – directed this wonderful video. Didn’t they do a lovely job? I believe they even got to taste some traditional Chinese hotpot whilst filming, the lucky buggers!

Haven’t seen it? Find the video here: UEA PGT China Campaign Video


The Squires

That’s the one! Or two, since they are a duo. Yes, The Squires are in fact a directing duo consisting of Joseph Murray and Adam Turner. These guys are getting themselves out there in the directing duo world, so of course we wanted to include them in this month’s Blah Blog! As you may know, these two are not ones to forget. With their shining personalities and eclectic mix of films they’ve produced, we’ll definitely be seeing The Squires name popping up more often.

We won’t go into too much here as you can check out our other blog post all about them:

Find here: The Squires Duo


May Round-up

May has been a good month overall and this is just a touch of the surface! There’s not much to say here besides keep an eye out for the Meantime videos which will be popping up on your screen any time soon. We can’t bloody wait to share these! Chow for now, we’ll catch up at the end of June.