MTV Cribs Style

This isn’t anything like Snoop Dogg’s or Simon Cowell’s cribs, Meantime Cribz is some next level stuff. A little random some might say, but that’s what makes them, them. Also, we’re just going to ignore that these cribs are actually offices..ssh.

To really capture the MTV Cribs video style, we roped in Liam’s old video camera again – the one used for Gaffs Under the Hammer – and included some brilliant MC moments…

Norwich Crib

In Norwich, we had a focus on the pieces of wall art. There was an emphasis on ‘shapes’ – a moment of recognition for our rebrand video – Do you like the shapes? We also see Jack have his minor (not so minor) freak out as he comes head to head with a camera – his biggest fear. And – how could we forget – the scene of Martin and Kellen having a hearty conversation on spreadsheet borders, the epitome of creativity. Or, “Creative zone.” as Big Boss likes to call it.

Of course we needed the fridge scene. This is where Big Boss slapped on the worktop a ‘bad boi trout’ fresh from the market that day. Needless to say, this was pretty disgusting and he wasn’t the happiest doing repeat takes. We took this fridge scene to new heights by making it the magical ‘portal’ to London – WHAT’S UP LANDON? All a bit bonkers, we know.

London Crib

Transporting through the portal, we are introduced by two funny looking fellas. One who has definitely been taking influence from S Club 7’s John and the other who really wants to ‘find himself’. These two really understood the MTV Cribs persona. Sharing their swanky pad with their ‘what’s up dude’ personalities and annoying the crap out of Jessie who clearly wants to be left alone.

We focused more on a choppy style of editing for the London crib section of the show. Tweedledum and Tweedledee share their office pet, Tony (REOW!), the cuddle corner and fake grass. Cor, some might say us Norwich lot are a bit jealous. Of course, this office is home to the ‘Best thing about London: BIG CLOCK!” How does it go again, Adam? “Ding, dang, dong.” – there it is.