Gaffs Under the Hammer

Forget Martin Roberts and Dion Dublin, Jessie and Luke will be taking over your TV screens from now on. These two make quite the pair with their perky presenter flair and witty ways.

We wanted to re-create the brilliant daytime TV show, Homes Under the Hammer, Meantime style. This was to give a tour of our wondrous London and Norwich offices. And here we have it, another outlandish video of ours, Gaffs Under the Hammer!

All shot on one of Liam’s old video cameras to give it that real ‘on the piss’ feel, we nailed the questionable camera angles and drawn out editing style – that is completely unecessary. Not forgetting Roberts’ repetitive hand gestures and Dion’s famous phrase, ‘Stairs going up to the bedrooms.” These elements were crucial in executing the Homes Under the Hammer feel. But of course, we added a bit of Meantime spice.

The video is split into three sections. Jessie begins by touring the London office, followed by Luke in Norwich and then our property expert – Joe – who gracefully scoops up a doughnut in his gob. Funny, he never actually gets to the point of being there? Weird bloke.

You can see that we’re a lucky bunch to work in these beautifully bizarre places. Never quite know what to expect. Sometimes, you swing open the microwave door and find Pikachu staring deep into your soul. Other times, you take a look at the view outside and your socks quite literally blow off! Ha-ha, Jessie get those cheesy toes covered up – so silly.

When we get the chance to work together to create our own self-indulgent videos, it’s always great. Meantime TV will be a channel you’ll be seeing pop up more often, so make sure to check your TV guide (phones) to stay tuned.

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