Blah Blog | June 2022

Oh ELLO, another blah blog is it? You betcha. Well good golly, it’s been a joyous June! Another month fuelled by the lovely Lavazza coffee machine and some Meantime funsies. Let’s have a catch up shall we? Go on then.

Gaffs Under the Hammer

It would be silly to not speak about this first. DID YOU LIKE IT? We bloody did. Our Gaffs Under the Hammer video was a true Meantime special. It’s been a while since we’ve shared a self-indulgent vid, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I (Social Mads) said to the team that it would be wonderful if we had an office tour of our London and Norwich offices, after all, they are rather LOVELY and they’re where all the magic happens. Suddenly, a lightbulb moment hit. We started thinking about what TV programmes tour around buildings and are truly iconic to our television screens…Homes Under the Hammer and MTV Cribs, they’re the ones!

Swooping Big Boss and Jessie in as the lead roles with their dashing presenter skills, we put together something that will go down in Meantime history. We can’t wait to share Meantime Cribz – if you think this was good, just wait.

Want to read more about this? Find our full blog post here: Gaffs Under the Hammer

NNDC Net Zero Animation

A brilliant animation from the team we shared this June! We were approached by North Norfolk District Council to produce an explainer animation on their Net Zero strategy – to have net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Being a brand wanting to make change, we were on board with these guys to share their mission and make them something to be proud of.

The team took on a trusting and vibrant visual style, including some really idyllic illustrated shots of Norfolk’s coastline and landscapes. We particularly love the little animal friends that feature in the video – the squirrel is the best.

Find the video here:


C’mon, it’s time to get those tinnies, wellies you use twice a year and that tent that claims to be ‘waterproof’ – it’s festival season baby! With Glastonbury hitting in June, we were very pleased to share this animation we produced for PEEQUAL. Being the UK’s First Women’s Urinal, we love what PEEQUAL stands for and know they will be a roaring success!

We were asked to create an explainer animation on the step by step process of how PEEQUAL works. This project was right up our street. We shared the visual personality of the brand and illustrated some super quirky illustrations, including lots of colour and 70’s inspired psychedelic patterns. This is definitely one of those pieces that you can’t help but pull a BIG cheesy grin every time you watch it. Here’s to peequality!

Find the video here:

More Meantime Videos (Coming Soon)

There’s not much we can say here as that would ruin the whole surprise. However, we do have another set of Meantime videos coming your way that are – we might say – quite entertaining. Taking on a slightly different route to Gaffs Under the Hammer, let’s just say these show us up to not be the best at other things besides the ol’ cameras and PC’s! 

We’ve thrown out a few teasers here and there, including myself and Martin tackling a game of basketball. Do we get the slam dunk? We’ll leave it at that…#MeantimeCan’tDoThis

Brandland Event

A few of us headed to the first Brandland event at the Enterprise Centre at UEA this June. We put on our schmoozing heads and listened to many talks on branding – where it’s heading and how it has the potential to change the world. Some very interesting topics to soak up and take away. A great event to bring together like minded people and share ideas on the future. We certainly learnt some new stuff and even got the chance to try Adnam’s new ‘Smidgin’ gin, where you need just a ‘smidge’. Thanks for the free bevs, Adnams! Always appreciated by us.

Round Up

ROUND UP, ROUND UP! Get ye carrots and parsley. 

Summing things up, June has been a great start to our summer! We’ve shared some really glorious pieces of work, been able to work on our own bit of Meantime stuff and sealed the deal with our big Summer 2022 party bash at the end of the month! Lot’s of ping pong, Pringles and gin were consumed, not forgetting the whole of ABBA’s 1994 album – we are an easy lot to please.