Decathlon | Shoot

Shoot Location

Located at Horstead Hall in Norfolk, this was the perfect location to shoot. If you’re not familiar with Horstead Hall, you’ll have no idea how picturesque it is. Surrounded by gorgeous greenery and a peaceful stream of water that runs through the grounds, the place is really something. It also has a woodland area at the back where we shot the mountain bike scenes. A pretty idyllic place you could say!

Shooting outdoor sports activities is never going to be straight forward. There’s a hell of a lot of risks to consider, especially if the rain starts pouring down. With the weather not exactly being on our side for the first day, it soon started to warm up by day two where the sun shone beaut-i-fully. We managed to capture some charming family-orientated scenes, representing the ideal feel and tone for the advertisements.

Each video followed the same structure, sharing a warm and family-friendly style with particular influences of relevant culture to give audience relatability. For instance, the young female character was notably taking selfies throughout the stay. This followed with the parents giving the eye roll – get off that blimmin TikTok!

Decathlon | On Set

The People

We worked with some awesome people on this shoot. We can’t thank our cast members enough for being so adaptable and amazing throughout. Also, Vital Marketing were a great company to collaborate with and create something Decathlon can proudly represent their products.

It is certainly a pinch us moment knowing these adverts are being played on the ol’ TV screens. One to note in the BIG list of Meantime achievements – as well as creating a hit song on our branding shapes. We can never let this slide.

Check out the videos below: