Covid Awareness

Covid-19 has been a total bastard. However, we do love working with our friends at Borne. With both our video and animation production skills, this collaboration on two coronavirus awareness animations was no exception. A joint effort between ourselves, Borne, Norfolk County Council, and Mr Stephen Ong of Make It Move, this was an endeavour to make something great, fast.

Gold Award – Best Use of Imagery

The International Content Marketing Awards 2021
Covid Cases Rise - Video and Animation Production
Covid Cases Rise - Video and Animation Production

We all know the kind of year it was. A not so social one where we fully embraced our introverted selves. But for some, particularly difficult. This project was targeted towards getting the ‘prevent’ message of washing hands and staying socially distanced out to a younger audience. Especially at the height of summer, when lockdown restrictions were being eased. 

Young people were quickly identified as a group of people to have mild covid symptoms if infected. They worryingly carried the risk of infecting people without knowing. It was key to show how easily Covid 19 can spread. With Josh’s (Borne) youth culture inspired concept, Stephen’s grungy and rather cool illustrations, and Brogan and Penny’s super slick and speedy animation (oo alliteration), we came together like a Power Rangers Megazord and developed a relevant and brilliant couplet of animations. Video and animation production at its finest. And with a sprinkle of sound effects from the fingers of Meantime’s big boss, Luke, the animations turned out superb!

We’ve all had to deal with the effects of coronavirus. We have been particularly proud to have been able to use Meantime’s video and animation production skills with local public services and offer a tiny fraction of our help to the ongoing fight against the virus. Being such a distressing virus that can effect people in all sorts of ways, we hope that the animation will reach out to the right people and positively contribute to the betterment of public health. A huge thank you to all of the different collaborators who we worked with on this project and their fantastic talents – we all smashed it!