Environmental Charter

Blakeney, Wells, Holkham, Happisburgh, Brancaster. North Norfolk has some of the best beaches in the world. That is a fact, you know? And yes, Happisburgh is pronounced HAZE-BRUH, obviously. 

When North Norfolk District Council asked us to create an animation promoting their Environmental Charter, our imaginations raced with ideas of sprawling environments, bright colours and amazing creatures. We knew we could deliver something special and create an animation the company could be proud of!

Happisburgh is pronounced HAZE-BRUH, obviously!

The charter set out a series of pledges that NNDC seeks to deliver over the coming years, primarily addressing the climate change crisis. The animation itself was to be used across their social media platforms and website. Also to be shown in schools, businesses, and community groups. This was to encourage others to adopt similar wildlife protection measures. Overall, this had an outstanding message that our animation team and company really got behind. This made us all the more eager to create something powerful and influential to match an important message.

Something we felt was vital to this project was ensuring it felt distinctly ‘Norfolk’. We made sure to include recognisable visual landmarks and a narrative that felt true to its routes. To ensure this, we worked closely with NNDC, including environments that the audience would instantly recognise.


All Hands on Deck

Due to the tight deadline, this project really was a case of ‘all hands on deck’ as we pieced everything together in record time. Teamwork really makes the dreamwork in an animation company. Brogan and Conner produced a visual direction that was perfect for NNDC, sharing beautiful Norfolk beach scenery. To accompany these settings, a wide range of colourful creatures were included to bring this world to life. We also included characters to help the audience place themselves within NNDC’s vision of Norfolk.

Once it was time to animate, the team used their creative brains to match up the carefully constructed script that made the narrative feel less like a typical explainer animation, and more like a story. From the start, we knew we wanted to create something that felt huge in scale to match the ambition of the Environmental Charter. We set out creating a layered panoramic style that shifts as the camera moves through the scenes, giving depth and scale to the animation.

Our team were so eager to work on this project. This is shown by the enthusiasm we put into NNDC’s Environmental Charter animation by understanding its importance. Being a cause our team believed in, this allowed them to lose themselves in the creative process and truly deliver something we believe is top notch!