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Meantime were approached by Engage Health to provide an explainer video for the company. We can all agree healthcare is at the forefront of our minds these days. With social distancing, the way we access life has changed considerably. We’ve learnt to adapt by doing our food shop online, watch new film releases at home and taking up (and then giving up) running.

Having been told early on to stay away from surgeries, many of us have remained at home. This being neglect of our physical and mental health for fear of contracting something worse. Engage Health we’re in need of an explainer video for their new company system.

A seamless process. The team listened to our requirements and delivered a great set of animations

Claire Flynn, Engage Health
Engage Consult - Explainer Video Company
Engage Consult - Explainer Video Company

Engage Health have developed a system – Engage Consult. This allows patients to communicate securely and safely online with their practice about non-emergency medical conditions or admin questions. Engage Health asked Meantime to create an eye catching explainer video to help increase visibility of their new company system, highlight the key features and reach new audiences.

We felt it was important to convey a clean-crafted aesthetic to align with the detail and precision that people expect within healthcare and medicine. To make this standout, we went with highly stylised illustrations, providing a unique and engaging element to the film. Whilst being appropriate for the company’s explainer video.

Engage Consult is a seamless and well-executed explainer video. It stretched the team’s creativity and required them to try new techniques and find a solution to convey the client’s message effectively. Not every project is centred around a noble cause or relevant issue and that’s absolutely okay. We pour creativity and heart into everything we create. But, when a project comes along that feels so relevant to the times we are living through, we make sure to relish that moment. That’s why this project was so great!