Safe Parking

Trucks need a safe space to park. It’s pretty darn important. We worked with Freightsafe on an explainer animation for their fantastic parking solution. Have you ever found yourself parking one of these long bois? It’s not easy. But with Freightsafe’s parking bays, it makes the process a hell of a lot easier!

Freightsafe Parking

What is Freightsafe?

Let’s talk a little bit about Freightsafe. According to their stats, there are 22 million trucks in the world that are mandated by law to be parked every day. However, there is a global shortage of spaces resulting in many losses through theft each year. So this is where these guys come in. Freightsafe parking provides a safe and reliable solution to tackle these issues. Their service is a system for truck drivers to park up their vehicles safely, securely and with ease.

What did we do?

Following in FS’s branding, a clean and stripped back visual style was taken on by Jack. He used his backpack of skills to put together a video that’s approachable, attractive and served its purpose. Using some very slick movements to give the video a seamless feel, this ensured a level of trust was established with FS’s customers. The narrator’s tone was particularly important. Instructions needed to be clear and experiences with Freightsafe had to be enjoyable. I think you can agree, we ticked all of those boxes. 

Animation Plot

Bit of a clever one this is. The video begins with a sat nav scene where it runs through the issues of parking for truck drivers. THEN, the magic enters the room… The sat nav flips and transforms into Freightsafe’s parking bay – Ta-dah! Our narrator gives us a quick overview of what Freightsafe is as the scene continues to build up around the parking bay. The viewer is then presented with a series of examples of where you might find one of the bays and how to book. And boy, it’s so easy to do!

Freightsafe Parking
Freightsafe | Safe Parking Solution

Working with 3D

We haven’t got a huge variety of 3D projects under our belt, so it was exciting to get stuck into something that utilises Cinema 4D. The benefit of building a project in 3D is the depth and dynamics that come with being able to move in any direction, such as rotating. Stylised shadows were also easily generated accurately with the moving objects.

Overall, it was a great element of the project to have these processes in place. We hope to do more in the future as it’s something we blimmin well enjoy.


Who was on the job?

This was a three musketeer job from the guys. Martin was on the scripting, Jack on visuals and animation and Luke on sound design. And well, we think the results speak for themselves. These guys worked as a successful little trio of elves. Guess that would make Big Boss Father Christmas? Ha, hilarious.