Borg & Overström

Maktens Borg

With Borg & Overström, we go way back. Several years actually. I guess you could say we are pretty good pals. Overtime, we have had the pleasure of working with B&O across multiple film and animation projects in our London and Norwich studio’s. They came to us to create a video to launch their brand new logo – Maktens Borg. It’s always an exciting challenge to work with a company’s existing branding. With the striking black and white approach of Borg & Overström, the Meantime gang were straight on board!

The team at Meantime are great to work with – very collaborative – and the outcome was just what we were looking for. Very pleased with the result!

Richard Dunham, Borg and Overström
Borg - animation studio in London
Borg 2 - animation studio in London

B&O wanted to incorporate an insight into the core values of the company. A key feature in this new direction was the ability for icons to transcend language and become global symbols. In other words, the icons to do some funky movements which look bloody cool – our in animators are sick. The animation studio’s in London and Norwich were straight on it.

The logo is a castle surrounded by a circle. We developed the core idea of continuously following the circle through different scenes as we explored the journey of B&O and the ideals that drive them. And *drum roll* please… the animation ends with the circle becoming the new logo, Maktens Borg. God, we’re good.

We wanted to stay true to the established look and feel that are synonymous with Borg & Overström. Working with the animation team in our London and Norwich studio’s, a simple line art style was chosen to maintain the sharp look. This conveyed the minimalist aesthetic of the Scandinavian design that represents the entire brand – oh, so clean. Coupled with some smooth, fluid movements that pull the animation along, this lives up to the engineering and craftsmanship found within B&O’s own products.

We really do love this animation. So aesthetically pleasing to the eye and who wouldn’t want to watch something like this over and over again? The process of creating this animation and working existing branding was incredibly satisfying. It was great to create an extension of the brand by producing something new and exciting.