Norwich BID

Castle Projection

Well, what can we say? We made it. On Norwich Castle. NORWICH CASTLE! As a video animation company based in Norwich, this was a treat.

Sometimes, a project comes along when you can really flex your creativity. Working with Norwich BID to help advertise the events and activities going on during the summertime in Norwich, we created something for everyone to get involved with and be proud of! From hanging canopies of silk flowers to dinosaur-themed food trails, what a fun little piece for Meantime to produce.

Norwich BID - Video Animation Company
Norwich BID - Video Animation Company

The video’s purpose was to celebrate Norwich city opening up again. Considering the scale of the project, it was asked that the animation was to be an art piece and city centre event. One of the keywords used throughout the process was ‘kaleidoscopic’. Using our skills – since we are a video animation company – we used this concept as one of the centrepieces of the animation. Norwich BID were happy for us to allow our creative team to put forward our inventive and creative concepts.


Artistic Direction

After proposing artistic directions designed by Brogan and Conner, we decided to go with a flat clean motion graphics style. This style would be complimented by textures, led by bright contrasting colours with abstract shapes and other graphical elements. With these tied altogether, this represented Norwich in the best light of what it has to offer during the summertime. Yes, you can find Norwich’s famous diplodocus in Eaton Park, just be cautious of your approach…

Animation Considerations

When it came to storyboarding the project, careful considerations were taken to focus on seamless transitioning between scenes. This was to provide the kaleidoscopic experience where viewers would truly lose themselves when watching the animation. Every scene was as important as the other due to the animation being projected on a loop for the public to watch. The idea was to view any scene as the opening of the animation. Therefore, the team put their mad skills to work to ensure each scene was as brill as the last throughout the entire project – which it was.

So, were we proud? God yes. This animation became a bit of a passion project for a lot of people in the office. It was a GREAT feeling that we were part of such a large-scale event in the heart of Norwich for all to see. Things like this don’t happen often, but when they do, oh they are fun! A big pat on the back to the Meantime team.