The UK’s First Women’s Urinal

Time to get those wellies, that silly little tent and hide ya booze in a pringles can – don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. Hitting up the likes of Glasto and Latitude for a fun ol’ time, you can’t beat it. But waiting in long and tedious queues for the toilet can be such a drag. Ah-ha! Well here we have Peequal – The UK’s First Women’s Urinal!

We absolutely love it! It’s great!

Harry Bishop – Peequal
Peequal | Women's First Urinal
Peequal | Women

Explainer Animation

We were asked to create an explainer animation on how Peequal works. The purpose was to be posted on socials to explain to new audiences the ease of using the women’s urinal – and BOY it’s easy! Peequal asked for a bold and colourful approach with a 70’s edge. The three musketeers who were on the brief – Brogan, Conner and Alwin – set off on their quest. They went ahead and produced something Peequal were proud to show off and reflect their brand personality.

The plot of the video follows a group of women at a festival bursting for a wee in a long queue for the toilet. Suddenly, they notice something…’PEEQUAL!’ The voice over in the video goes on to explain how to use and the women are seen looking very happy after their first experience. It was key that the team represented a variety of women for the animation to be inclusive to all. 

Festival | Peequal
Explainer | Peequal

The Dream Team

Brogan and Conner were on the initial style check, then Alwin joined forces with Conner on the animation. The team focused on a vibrant style with psychedelic patterns. Conner was on it with creating the illustrations, taking on exaggerated character designs in a festival setting. You can’t help but adore these when you see them pop up!

This brief really played to the strengths of the three. Brogan and Conner love coming up with style checks that include a quirky element, and Alwin is the master of snappy movements. Therefore, this animation was not only super enjoyable for the musketeers, but it gave them a chance to do what they do best. Fun fact – Conner had never illustrated someone squat peeing, so that was a first!


Success of Peequal

We’ve got to add how much we love what Peequal is doing. This brand is making change happen for the benefit of women to feel more included and contribute towards a more gender equal future. We know that the urinal so far has been a BIG success, featuring in articles of the BBC and The Guardian. We are very excited to see what awaits for Peequal. Here’s to Peequality!