SmokeFree Norfolk

Hand-drawn Animations

SmokeFree Norfolk is one of those special projects that only comes around every so often. We were tasked to create a sub-60 second using our animation production services to inform pregnant women the risks and dangers of smoking during pregnancy. The film was to be played in doctor’s surgeries, on social media platforms and Sky AdSmart. As well as the illustrations to be used on posters and hardcopy materials.

Considering the potential reach of the animation, the team knew they needed to create something particularly notable. We pitched our first hand-drawn animation as a studio and Norwich City Council were gracious enough to trust us every step. 

Hand-drawn animation is a highly intensive process. It requires time and a particular amount of effort to create something that would normally take a fraction of the time when using vector illustrations. Character animation being especially challenging. To produce the hand-drawn animation in efficient time, we took on two key design principles. These included simple but relatable characters with warm personalities, and highly detailed, atmospheric backgrounds.

With Penny, our hand-drawn expert, and Jamie, who collaborated on the backgrounds, together they produced the masterpiece. The goal was to create something engaging yet heart-warming that informed the risks of smoking whilst pregnant. Yet, quitting smoking not being the only solution and not holding any judgement for this. 

To create the ideal setting and soul of the film, Joe used his director’s eye – his right eye to be precise. He applied some lighting effects to the interior scenes. This was to enhance the realism and the hand-drawn ambient lighting.  Of which, resulted in an elegant animation. And of course, forming the cornerstone of the larger SmokeFree Norfolk campaign.


Utilising Skills

We are jolly well proud of this project. It was our first hand-drawn animation, so it was very exciting to use these skills amongst our production services. From the start, we set out to make something unique. Thanks to the wonderful Meantime team and Norwich City Council, we were able to create something different.