Character Animations

Do you drive a car? Are you too lazy to clean it yourself? Do you live in a cashless society? Then boy do we have the project for you. As an animation production company, this is certainly one of our favourites. GoWash is what happens when a person gets sick of scrabbling around in the glove compartment for loose change.

There is no better creative company! Meantime have been fantastic for my new startup!

Jonny Billing, GoWash
GoWash map

Jonny and the GoWash team asked Meantime to create a series of vector-based animations to help launch their new startup. The aim was to increase the visibility of their app, highlighting the key features and ease of use – and yeah, it is that easy. GoWash needed to stand out from the crowd. Amongst many motion graphics and explainer animations, they wanted to elevate this animation to another level. With that in mind, GoWash were incredibly receptive to us putting our minds to work and taking the creative lead. With the creative freedom afforded by the client,  the project became a playground for Brogan to try out new techniques, illustration styles and colour palettes. 

Our goal at Meantime is to always provide the best value for money – this isn’t a Meantime Media ad by the way, or maybe it is? – and this is a perfect example of this. Working within a tight budget, motion graphics is the most cost-efficient form of animation. Yet, without a spark of creativity and some flair, these animations, while perfectly serviceable, can become forgettable and not serve their intended purpose – they simply fade away!


Design Principles

As a film and animation production company, we aren’t lacking in creativity or flair – certainly not. It would be worrying if we did. Imagine, this is our animator. They enjoy making a shape move from left to right…ta-dah! The design principles in place included using the bold colour palette of greens, blues and oranges of the GoWash branding. This would go alongside simple illustration with deep graphic and editorial influences, and most importantly, a sense of style. It had to look cool. Really cool.

With these fundamentals in place and the sound design skills of our former-music-producer-turned-MD Luke, Brogan created a slick, stand-out animation that achieved all the expectations of the client and (we like to think) exceeded them!

This project was great because of the stalwart faith of Jonny who let us run riot and create something that he probably didn’t expect but ultimately loved. We’re grateful for all our clients, but especially for those who work with us closely and let us flex our creative muscles.