Back to school

Bags packed, goggles on and helmets fastened, watch out for these super cool kids on the block. Decathlon came to us with an idea to promote their back to school campaign, highlighting their ace range of sport products. Which are in fact, guaranteed to make any kid feel like a boss. We wish we were as hip as them…

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We pulled out all the stops to create a powerful campaign despite the restrictions.

decathlon-child-actors - video content agency london
decathlon-children-playground video content agency london

Following the 1st Nationwide Lockdown – we’ve lost track too don’t worry – it was unclear when schools would reopen around the country. With that, it was uncertain what sports kids would practice when back to PE. The aim of the video was to assure parents that when their children are back to school, Decathlon are there to kit out their kids for whatever they get up to. 

Our intention was to create a campaign that highlights Decathlon’s products in a visually engaging and, at times, rather funny way. I mean we are hilarious at Meantime afterall. We took some heavy influence from Edgar Wright’s montage sequences as a way of creating a fun and fast paced video. This style worked to make the kids look EPIC and of course, showcase the wonderful Decathlon products… Whilst also nodding to one of our favourite directors, good ol Ed.

So, the concept. What was it? We came up with the idea of kids sitting on their doorsteps feeling incredibly bored of being stuck at home, until a school bell rings and they jump into action – time to head back to the playground. Let’s go!


On Set

Now I know what you’re thinking. We must be the maddest video content agency London has ever seen to work with so many kids. Wrong! The kids we managed to rope in were truly brilliant. They gave us the energy and sass we wanted for the film. This was our first video for Decathlon and also, our first major shoot coming out of the first national lockdown and we pulled out all the stops to create a powerful campaign despite the restrictions – covid ain’t gonna stop us this time. 

Decathlon’s ethos is to provide sports for everyone and this is evidenced in their great quality sports gear for a huge range of activities, the boss man himself (Luke) actually has one of their inflatable canoes which he frequently takes to the broads!