White House Farm


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s flying milk, straight out of the teat of a local Norfolk cow and into your local coffee. This is a project we were excited to be a part of. Being a media company in Norwich, we are always wanting to do our bit to support local. Our video for White House Farm introduces one of Meantime’s most likeable protagonists to date. As we follow a bottle of milk on a journey from cow to cup through a variety of comical situations and bootiful* Norfolk scenery. 

What a brilliant team, such creative minds.

Charlotte Gurney, White House Farm

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The intention of our milky adventure was to create a fun narrative that drummed up support for shopping local. We also wanted to highlight the minimal food miles (and carbon footprint) in delivering milk from Norton’s dairy to White House Farm. As a media company in Norwich, I guess you could say we are familiar with farming surroundings and the types of onlookers you’ll meet – moo. Watched on by the cows, our bottle finds itself on a journey through the woodlands and villages of Norfolk. Flying past a gentleman with a wonderful moustache and then racing a car down a country lane. Then over streams and through a garden to stop briefly to let someone take the washing off the line. Eventually, ending up at White House Farm. Delicious coffee. End Scene.

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Michael, Liam and Milky-Joe were able to fulfil their childhood dreams of building a zip-line. However, they were sorely disappointed when they realised it couldn’t take their weight. But, they did manage to attach it to Michael’s car as he zipped along the fields of Norfolk. This resulting in his first groundbreaking performance in a Meantime production. Everyone loved our milky adventure so much. We even ended up in the local paper as the milkiest media company Norwich has ever produced.