Creative Writing at 50 years

You guessed it. Of course, we worked again with our beloved, the UEA. And what a prestigious event to be talking about! Celebrating 50 years of the Creative Writing course, we were tasked as a video production team in Norfolk to create a video sharing the experiences of alumni students. Speaking about being writers themselves, personal stories from their time at the UEA and their visions for literature – an insightful campaign for Meantime to be a part of.

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They listen closely and have the ability to turn a relatively loose brief into something both visually arresting and highly informative.

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So, the approach. This was to move through the decades chronologically – 1970s to 2020s – interviewing the authors for each era. But most importantly, the UEA wanted to create a buzz for the course. How the course has shaped lives and give a strong sense of hope for the future of Creative Writing at the UEA. The key audience was aspiring and successful writers, current and prospective students and readers who love a fictional book.


Zoom Interviews

Boom. Covid hits us with its first lockdown. You remember, the one which we thought was going to last 3 weeks but ended up feeling like a century. Oh, we were so naive. Due to this, we had to rely entirely on remote filming. This meant we had to conduct all interviews over Zoom. Good old Zoom hey, no one really knew what it was before covid said “Ello.” With this, it meant we couldn’t use our fancy cameras. BUT, because we have a clever video production team, we managed to develop a method of recording to ensure high quality film. Joe produced a handy little ‘how to’ vid – how nice eh? This was to inform how our interviewees can get the best recording of themselves on their phones. Since this project a number of our clients have utilised Joe’s instructional video!

Overall, what an amazing experience. To be able to speak to such phenomenal authors and turn their stories into an emotive narrative film. And not forgetting the circumstances of a national lockdown. We managed to not let the restrictions get in our way (well not completely) and were able to come up with a successful solution, with the help of our clever video production team in Norfolk. Go on lads.

Incoming a little more love for the UEA…Working with the UEA on several projects, they have always had faith in our ideas and where we plan to take them. This brief allowed us to learn how great the Creative Writing course is for the university and how it’s changed the face of English Literature.