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‘Vote Education, Value Education’ – an attractive and obvious proposition. Meantime were tasked with helping NEU get the message out to cut through to voters, navigating the tribalism of our political landscape on social media. We understand the significance of our children’s education, so it was such an opportunity to work with the NEU on this.

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90,000 views and 2000 user actions, including a retweet from the Labour leader

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Aiming to make the public aware of the current state of education was key. This was especially important in the lead up to the 2019 general election. With a clean cut approach, this emphasised how a vote from the general public can make a difference in the lives of teachers and students. 

We sat the children down and asked them to read and react to the true stories handed to them. The interview setting being a completely white space with snippets of primary colour provided a visual to emphasise the innocence of the children. To represent the teachers, we took on a traditional format of the school photograph to show an educational setting. 

This film shows the realities of education today and why it needs to change. Capturing true reactions of the children paired with heartfelt stories from the teachers created a powerful call to action for the general public. The NEU has been campaigning for a better education system since 2017, offering huge amounts of support and services. Meantime Media are incredibly grateful to have been the creative force behind this video production, helping to voice change.

The film had an outstanding social media response including just under 90,000 total views, and over 2,000 user actions (likes / shares) across platforms, including a retweet from the Labour party leader.