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At Meantime, we take recycling very seriously, as we bloody well should. Yeah, that’s right, our eyes are on you as you chuck those dirty ready-meal plastic lasagne dishes in the bin. Ok, it’s not all of you. But, it does happen far too often and it’s time we make a change to that! And maybe including a cute dawg in this vid will persuade you to be more conscious of your recycling habits. He is pretty cute right? Just look at his shiny little nose.

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PLastic- video production norwich
we love dogs - video production norwich

When we were approached by the Norfolk County Council to make this web series, the team jumped on it. The brief was to create a series of films that “Didn’t look like council films.” As well as being creative, engaging and light in tone. We wanted to make the most gloriously kitsch production Norwich had ever seen. So, we came up with a colourful concept and style in line with the council’s branding, but a clean break away from your typical boring video explaining things in a robotic voice; “This is a piece of recyclable plastic, please put this in the recycling bin, thank you, the end, good day.” – you get it.

On Set

We roped in one of our best mates, Hamish – instant regret on his behalf – to star in the lead role of the film. It was fairly terrifying. He had to wear colourful gimp suits so that he would blend in with the backdrops – a colourful and faceless man in gloves, a sight you wouldn’t want to see too often. Plus, he could barely see what he was doing and got EXTREMELY hot during. Hamish, we really do appreciate you. We do.

You know some may say we are good at what we do. This is because we managed to get the standard Marigold colours BANG on out of complete coincidence. I mean, aren’t we just great? And the colours, well they do look lovely. No really, look at them. Just lovely.

For our VO (voice-over) artist, we had the pleasure of using Peter Baker. What a guy. His voice can instantly lift anyone’s spirits on a Monday morning. With his magnificent voice, some awkward elevator-style background music and sound effects which go ‘weooeoo’, this formed a video which we are jolly well proud of for an important web series!