Norwich BID

The City of Stories

It’s time to grab a pint, hop onto that paddle board and take a cruise down the River Wensum! We produced a reel for Norwich BID as part of Visit Norwich’s 2021 summer campaign to show off all the best bits of the city. The video takes a journey through the famous markets, the glorious attractions and the vibrant place Norwich is!

Pint Glass | Norwich BID
Paddle Boarding

Norwich Video

The video’s purpose was to appeal to different audience groups for day trips, mini breaks and long stays in Norwich. We wanted to represent the city in it’s full charming light. Therefore, we took on a high energy and fast-paced approach to generate an exciting buzz!

The Funny Bits

Of course, we swooped in a little bit of Meantime by using some playful filming techniques. These included following someone being shoved into the river and then magically appearing inside a beer glass. It’s these details that gave the video a light-hearted feel to represent Norwich as friendly and approachable. Plus, it was pretty funny pushing him into the water. Fun fact – this was actually filmed on a phone. We didn’t really fancy drowning one of our cameras, it would have been a BIG expense.

There was a focus in sharing the city’s niche and artsy culture. We did this by sharing snapshots of Norwich’s wall art, vintage shops and street food stalls. By using a combination of candid stills and video, this promoted the idea of the city being a place to create lasting memories and enjoy unique city experiences.

Vintage Shop
Street Food

Supporting Local

Following in the footsteps of our Xmas Prime video – #SupportYourLocalCity – we love producing work that benefits our local community. Therefore, when we get the chance to work with brands such as Norwich BID, it means a lot knowing we are giving back to support! We love you Norwich, we really do.


Did you know we’ve made another video for Norwich BID?

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