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It’s not very often we get to create a video for the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. Meantime were asked to create a recruitment style video for Mental Health Nursing. We were incredibly excited and honoured to be the creators of this piece. Here’s a little behind the scenes of the shoot and process creating the video!

Ipswich Hospital

The Shoot

Later back in March, we shot this across three days in Ipswich, Norwich and Great Yarmouth, with most scenes filmed at Ipswich and Hellesdon Hospitals – Norfolk and Suffolk Trust premises. Our Meantime crew included Joe, Adam, Michael, Mads and Kellen, a dream team of creators and ‘spreadsheetors’ – Adam and Kellen are firm fans of Excel Spreadsheet and love sticking to a schedule if you didn’t know.

We’ve got to give it to the cast on this shoot. Priscilla, our lead role and NSFT modern matron, effortlessly played the part of newly recruited Mental Health Nurse, and Paul superbly shaped the character of a believable service user. It was so moving to see the bond these two shared on and off set. They worked harmoniously and shared a relationship on camera that gave the film a heart-warming feel.


NSFT | On Shoot
Corridor Scene | NSFT

From Day 1, we had to handle this project with great care. Sharing real life stories and the hard work mental health nurses do day-to-day, it was crucial we got things right. We carried out extensive research to have the correct insight into the lives of nurses, practitioners and service workers. There is a narrative focus on the bonds between nurses and service users, experiencing and coping with triggers, and developing as individuals through Mental Health services. 

A variety of camera techniques were used throughout. We used close-ups with a jolty style of movement to express a states of stress – we wanted the audience to feel what was happening. These set of shots were carefully considered to depict the right tone for a sensitive topic. 

This is a terrific achievement for Meantime. We’re always so grateful to be given these chances of working with large-scale organisations such as the NHS. We’ll be going into the new year with a big pat on our backs, working on a new style of production and the NHS as our client.

We can’t thank Richard Nobes enough for being such a key player behind NSFT and all the cast members for smashing it. This was one of those shoots that will be remembered by all of us. It was a pleasure.


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