Stay Warm, Stay Dry

Queue the teeth chattering, overly-emphasised shivering, hiking – quickly turned dancing – in the shower. Combine these and well, you’ve got yourself a brilliant ad. The perfect recipe some may say. If the brief isn’t clear enough, Decathlon wanted our video production agency to promote their Waterproof and Base Layers range as the weather became colder and wetter. And as you can see, we took this to a weirdly literal level of wearing the range in the shower – “Whatever you’re doing.”

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We’ll attach a camera to a shower head.

What could go wrong?

close up of tying a shoe - video production agency
close up of person - video production agency

The brief was primarily marketed at adults who enjoy being active despite the weather – the fearless ones. Those who will be not be defeated by a drizzle, a gentle gust of wind or a thunder rumble. Some of us, not so brave. We like to provide the morale and words of encouragement as we oversee our sporty friends conquer treacherous storms. The mad things, eh? But with Decathlon’s range, maybe you will not be playing it so safe anymore.

Due to the advert being filmed in one location, we needed to mix up what we were doing. Ain’t no room for boringness here (even though this advert could never be boring!). We filmed multiple takes of scenes using a variety of angles and camera movements. It even got us attaching a camera to a shower head to create a Breaking Bad style POV shot – god, we just know exactly what to do.

When it came to editing the film, we opted for a fast-paced cutting style to match the beat of the music and give a high sense of energy. We played the track we used in the background on a speaker to ensure that the actress and actor were grooving to the correct beats. Shortly after, we cracked open a bottle of bubbly and had a full blown shindig in the bathroom! We didn’t, but that would have been quite something.

For any video production agency, it’s not often that you get to revolve an entire film around people dancing in the shower. Nevertheless, it does a great job of promoting the waterproof capabilities of Decathlon’s sports gear – they couldn’t believe how dry they were underneath!

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The house that we filmed at is, itself, an instagram influencer and has an incredible ‘Instagrammable’ design.

Check out the house here!