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This year, we created a Christmas video campaign for The Trussell Trust, a nationwide charity that provides food banks and support for people in poverty. We wanted to direct the spotlight on the cost of living crisis and how this winter is going to be particularly difficult for many.

Using our team, cameras and drive for social change, we set out to create a film that shares the impossible decisions families are facing. Sticking to strict deadlines and lots of incredibly hard work from the team, we created something we’re so proud of.

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Best piece of content we’ve ever done.

The Trussell Trust Shoot
The Trussell Trust | Shower


This project was heavy, but an extremely rewarding process. As a team, this project naturally forced us to step out of our comfort zones and release our nurturing sides. We were all behind this campaign being a success to support The Trussell Trust and raise awareness of their Emergency Fund Appeal.



The concept of the film was to share the heartbreaking decisions families are making as a result of the cost of living. This is represented in a number of scenarios by a family of four:

At the dinner table: At the start, we see the youngest child’s plate of food starting to move towards the edge of the table, along with the other plates following. The mother clutches on to the plate and turns to her husband in a state of stress. Shortly after, the plate tugs away and disappears. There are now only 3 plates remaining on the table. The husband pushes his plate to the centre of the table to share with his wife. She passes her full plate on to her daughter. 

No breakfast: In another scenario, we see the older daughter’s sanitary products start to creep out of her school bag. Whilst this is happening, her Mother’s bowl of cereal is edging closer to the table. The daughter turns to look at her Mother with pleading eyes and she sacrifices her morning breakfast for her daughter’s supplies.

As a result of these situations, we see the Christmas tree shaking and fear across the family’s faces – this year’s Christmas will not be the same.



Getting the right tone for these scenarios was crucial. We had to carefully consider the details working with a technique that could be perceived as humorous. Therefore, audio was so important. We used an emotive track that gradually built up and aligned with what was happening as the film progressed. Towards the end of the piece, we see a cut off and the title appears, reinstating the message of the film. This was to trigger an emotive response by the audience and allow a second to process these hard decisions being made. 



We had Joe directing the film, working closely alongside Michael on camera. With the support of Josh on light and sound and Liam assisting in practical effects, these scenes were carefully considered by the group. Kellen was producer, keeping tabs on our schedule, and Jessie and Mads were on board to support the production, cast and crew and capture BTS content. We also had Liam’s other half helping us out being a terrific runner – thanks again, Frankie! 

Film shoots aren’t always easy and we did experience a few hurdles on set. Working with invisible strings can have its difficulties – can’t believe nothing got smashed.

Our family of four included, Anja (Mother), Amadu (Father), Scher (Teenage Daughter) and Luz (Younger Daughter). These guys were brilliant at taking direction from Joe and adapted to the changes made on set. They were really great to work with and we can’t thank them enough.


Our Design Lead and Illustrator/Animator, Brogan and Conner, designed the assets for the TT campaign identity. They produced a suite of material including social media posts, animated and still frames and eye-catching content for The Trussell Trust to re-use and share on socials. They focused on TT’s brand components and built a collection of hand-drawn elements and a colour palette that uses flourishes of complimentary colours.

Find the full designed campaign here:

The Trussell Trust
TT X Meantime


Working with The Trussell Trust team was so eye-opening. We listened, learned and had many conversations. With this on our backs, it was a really beautiful thing seeing this campaign come together to raise awareness of such an important cause.

We’ve come away from this project not only producing a campaign we’re proud of, but also formed some very special relationships with the TT team. It’s been a pleasure.


If you would like to join us in supporting The Trussell Trust and their Emergency Fund Appeal during this difficult time, please donate this Christmas: Donate here!