University Video

Working with UEA again? Boy aren’t we lucky. These guys came to us create a promotional university video. This was to be marketed to prospective UEA China students and their guardians about why UEA, and to a larger extent, Norwich is the place to study. The Squires took on this brief – our directing duo. These Norfolk born and bread boys directed something really top-notch, hats off to ’em!



With the approach of the film, the Squires touched on the magical elements of the university experience, the appeal of Norwich and the paths that studying can lead to. The film is split into three sections with a different host for each, including Campus, City & Career. This was to ensure that we covered all bases in delivering UEA’s messaging. Also, allow three shorter cutdown edits that could be marketed individually for better engagement with specific audiences.

Obviously, the Squires wanted to keep this film as engaging as POS-SI-BLAY. Their approach was to use a variety of different camera techniques, motion graphics and archive footage to create a fast-paced vignette of life at UEA and beyond. Here’s the bit where the Norfolk boys know their sh*t. They purposely used a multitude of different styles, to feed into the idea that the viewer is exploring a range of viewpoints. They took particular influence from Vogue’s ‘I Love New York’ with this approach. An awesome video.

The Components

A large emphasis was placed on the sound. This was to connect the three sections and curate an ethereal, nostalgic and exciting atmosphere. 

When crafting the script, they spoke to a variety of students about their unique experiences of UEA and used this to craft a genuine narrative . For example, Ju’s line about Hunan cooking was very real, I don’t know if his tastebuds will ever forget…

The student experience is an incredibly unique and exciting journey. At a young age, you’re moving to a new place and attempting to fit into an alien community. Once you’re there, it goes so quickly and you can forget how instrumental the metamorphosis really is. Crazy stuff really.


Here’s a moment of reflection from Joe and Adam – “We think this university video is brilliant because it gives prospective students a rich insight into the transformational journey university can take someone on, all the way from student to graduate.” – *Passes back the microphone.*