Be Endless

Scrolling into the depths of TikTok can be dangerous. It’s almost as if TikTok’s master is sitting in his office chuckling away to himself as he watches the world being absorbed by their phone screens. Well maybe not, but it’s a thought. Meantime’s London video production dream team were incredibly excited to get involved with TikTok to produce Voxi’s 2021 video campaign, Be Endless.

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This is their video and they are bossing it.

Voxi 1 - video production in London
Voxi 2 - video production in London

Voxi wanted to focus on TikTok users, aiming to promote their mobile offering of unlimited.

Sherice Banton – our TikTok star influencer of the Voxi campaign – worked collaboratively with us to produce the tip top TikTok – a whole lotta T’s there. The video campaign had to feel homemade and genuine. We shot at Sherice’s family home ensuring we incorporated elements such as family photos. Also, we worked closely with a brilliant stylist – Tiffany Rine – to create some make-shift sets which reflected the action, costume and mood.

Things didn’t stop there. After seeing Cai’s impressive character animations, the client wanted to bring in some 2D animation. This was done by transforming Sherice into an animated character. Cai perfectly replicated Sherice’s energy and signature curls. Oh boy, she looked fabulous!


Is TikTok Changing the World?

TikTok was a format that we had not worked exclusively with before. This process gave us a great chance to understand what all the fuss was about! Haha, not just that. It allowed us to have a better understanding of this gen-z dominant platform and what makes it so appealing to young creators. The idea was to show that creators needn’t worry about running out of data when creating their super cool TikTok’s out in the wild.

Working closely with Hogarth on the creative, we decided that authenticity was key. This was to ensure the TikTok was relatable to the audience. Of which, this involved a couple of days of research as we scrolled ourselves through a vortex of TikTok videos to learn from the target audience themselves, putting Joe in a position to be one of the best TikTok influencers that never existed.

Creator control was an aspect that we wanted to focus on to help shape the performance – instilling the message that the power is at the creator’s fingertips and they know it. By using this type of direction, our aim was to empower the creator as the one who’s doing all the good stuff – this is their video and they are bossing it.