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We bloody love the UEA. No really, we do. As a proud Norwich video production company, taking on this brief by the University of East Anglia – a film to celebrate Norwich and all it’s glory – we quite literally leaped on. Told you we love em. Working alongside Borne Agency as their dedicated production partner, we got to work on producing one of the most successful video campaigns UEA has had to date…

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June, 2019
UEA 1 - norwich video production
UEA 2 - UEA 1 - norwich video production

Our two key audiences were undergrads and postgrads on social media – those who love to have a good scroll. The goal was to promote an image of Norwich that has enough excitement to attract the younger audience. We tried not to alienate either audience. Our aim was to find a way to tie them together and create a cohesive piece of film – come together, right now… you know the rest.

The creative focus became championing Norwich’s character, a city that sometimes gets lost on the map or is often overlooked. It was key that the film would challenge these perceptions of the city, promote it as a superb place to study and to choose as their potential location for university – because why wouldn’t they? 

With our audiences in mind, we developed two film aspects to engage these audiences. One aspect was tailored more toward the younger audience, full of the livelier side of Norwich. We focused on the upbeat experiences the city has to offer including the quirky market, festivals, food and nights out. In return, to inspire those watching to visit, study and experience the city in all it’s vibrance.

UEA 3 - norwich video production
UEA 4 - norwich video production

The other aspect of the film was geared towards the more mature audience and would show a calmer experience of Norwich, focusing on the beauty, warmth and hidden gems of the city. Whether this be exploring Norwich by canoe, visiting the magnificent castle or getting lost in the historic lanes.

Uncovering Norwich was not just a visual priority within our creative concept. We decided to explore the city’s identity within a diverse, friendly and affirming voiceover. The opening lines being “Some cities you’ve heard of. Others you have to discover.” Providing an immediate buzz for what Norwich has to offer.


Here’s the bit we are really proud of…  

Due to our super clever team carefully designing the main film, this allowed it to be broken down into short focused edits. The marketing agency we worked with were then able to distribute the films in an effective way across multiple social media platforms. The film resulted in record video engagement for UEA, with over 86,000 views and 800+ shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the first 5 days of the campaign. Dayumn, check out those figures. As a Norwich video production company, Meantime are extremely chuffed to have achieved these results. That’s right, we did that.